Our Story

A group of friends with varied but similar backgrounds

We would often get together and talk about ways to better our world and our lives. Paramedics, Fitness instructors, Engineers and Developers we had our eye on technology, healthcare fitness and overall human well being. Often we would discuss ideas about how to create new innovative technologies that could be used to benefit certain genres of people. Other times we simply wanted to improve upon a technical idea that already existed. Our work ethic and experiences really brought upon a genuine care and concern for our friends and family and the thoughts provoked a sense of direction toward healthcare and fitness information and technology. The paramedics among us have worked respectively for many years and have seen the likes of crime scenes, fires and were even called to duty to assist during 9-11. Their day to day work encounters range from eventful trauma scenes to detailed medical calls. No two encounters are ever alike as they work to treat Diabetics, Cardiac patients, Gross Obesity, Trauma and the elderly. They are always interested in the best and fastest ways to provide their patients with the utmost quality care.
Our fitness instructor also works with people quite similar to the paramedics. People with Obesity, Cardiac related problems, Diabetics, Seniors and people who are looking to improve and strengthen their overall body and well being.
The engineers and developers have been working with Healthcare and Public health-related technologies for many years, and as such have been on the forefront in relation to Electronic Health Record development and healthcare data analysis.
Our experiences in the healthcare, fitness and technology overlap and as such our goals align. We are constantly seeking out ways to improve not only healthcare technologies but the overall fitness and well being of the world. We are colleagues, friends, and family all looking for ways to make our world a better place. So join us at u-VIB and see the amazing innovations, information and technologies we are soon to unveil.



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