Love my Cap

I’m not one to wear Caps but this one is stole my heart. Guys I’m talking about the Outdoor Research Convertible Cap. On multiday trips, you’ll likely wan t more versatility than a typical sun hat offers. Now, you don’t… Read More ›


Joins are areas where bones are linked together. They have varying degrees of mobility. In some joins the bones are linked simple by fibrous connective tissue or cartilage. This allows little or no movement. These joins are not of great… Read More ›

Storm watch

Backpackers storm tips… >Turn around if you are into your trail less than 3 miles. If you are for a long trip make sure you have the right gear. >IF thunderclouds are visible start getting out your rain coat &… Read More ›

New writer

The Outdoors… My name is George; I have been a backpacker for some time; I have done many trails such as the Appalachians. My most recent trail last year was NY, NJ & CT Appalachian. I will be discussing a number… Read More ›

Bite the bullet!

Use Trail Training to test gear and clothing… Gym workouts are always easier, specially when days are short and tails slick. But training on trails build the best hiking fitness, so such it up and get out there. make these… Read More ›

Maximize Recovery (Trail)

On the Trail Have a recovery snack when you hit camp. follow it up with a large than normal meal to replenish glycogen stores. Don’s sit still: Take an easy , unloaded stroll. Maintaining circulation reduces next-day soreness. source: Mountain guide… Read More ›