Keeping Healthy Teeth

One of the first things people notice about us are our teeth so we want to keep them not only as white as possible, but as healthy as can be! You can take a lot of small steps to keep your teeth not only looking clean but staying strong. A healthy mouth is more than just brushing and eating little sugar, so take charge of your mouths health today! From the foods you eat to essential oils, you can practice a variety of ways to heal, and maintain white, healthy teeth and gums.
Brushing and flossing habits

gums_bleeding_when_flossingWhen you eat and drink it can make your mouth more acidic, which weakens your tooth enamel. By waiting at least thirty minutes after eating your teeth will be more neutralized and less likely to get harmed by brushing. It is easy to get food stuck between your teeth. An easy way to prevent cavities between your teeth is to simply take half a minute and floss your teeth after eating. If you do not have access to floss or a toothbrush then at least be sure to swish water in your mouth and get excess food from your teeth!

Snacking and Juices
When you snack throughout the day you maximize your chances of having food debris sitting in your teeth. You also do not allow your mouth and saliva to rest and build back up to clean your gums and teeth. It is best to try to let your saliva regulate yours mouths natural bacterias between meals. When you drink any vegetable or fruit juice you leave sugars on your teeth. It is best to drink juice before or after a meal and before you brush your teeth to avoid the residue forming into plaque.

Oil pulling oil_pulling
A great way to maintain good mouth health is by oil pulling. This is the process of starting your day by swishing about a tablespoon of oil in your mouth for roughly twenty minutes. Coconut and sesame oil are great for this process. Doing this on a regular basis can improve gum health, minimize plaque, strengthen and whiten your teeth.

Vitamin A is important for your saliva an gums, B vitamins can help reduce mouth sores, Vitamin C is crucial for your gums and healing, and Vitamin D helps your body to properly absorb calcium in order to have strong teeth with no decay. Try to make sure to always maintain a balanced diet and keep these vitamins in mind when it comes to your teeth and gums. Leafy greens are high in these vitamins, as well as orange foods such as sweet potatoes. A daily vitamin may be considered if you question your daily intake of minerals, specifically calcium, and vitamins.

Phytic acid is highly found in beans, nuts, seeds, and gains. It does not allow you to easily absorb certain minerals, particularly calcium. In order to reduce the amount of phytic acid in your food you can always sprout grains and seeds! Most people are aware that they should minimize sugars for healthy teeth, but not so aware of starches. Starches can stick to your teeth and leave them coated to easily form plaque. The bacteria that causes tooth decay also feeds on carbohydrates, so try to avoid sugar and starch.

tooth_scrubEssential Oils
You can use essential oils for almost anything, including healthier teeth and gums! You can either buy or make your own toothpaste or powder containing them, using a mouth rinse or brushing with oils. Oils that are specifically good for your teeth and gums include clove, tea tree, peppermint, cinnamon, eucalyptus, rosemary and lemon.

If you are having problems with your teeth give some of these remedies a try and start to pay closer attention to your vitamins, and phytic acid levels in your diet. If you already do have healthy teeth and gums then these daily habits will only help improve your mouth. Let us know if you try any essential oil blends or heal any mouth problems with oil pulling!

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