What’s the deal with sprouting?

Sprouting is the process of taking a seed and starting its growth, or germination.   You do this simply by soaking it in water and rinsing it.  It can be beneficial to your health in numerous ways so long it is properly looked after to not allow harmful bacteria growth.  The seed goes from being in a dormant state to being in a living state, increasing many vitamins, reducing starch and minimizing phytic acids.

SproutingSprouting helps to neutralize phytic acid, so that you body can more easily absorb nutrients.  Phytic acid can reduce the amount of iron, zinc, and calcium you obtain from the meal.  By soaking, and especially sprouting all of your grains, nuts, beans, and seeds you can greatly reduce the phytic acid content in your food.   This is especially important if you rely on these foods as primary sources of nutrients, as many vegetarians may do.

Sprouting not only allows you to absorb more nutrients, but it makes your food more digestible. When our bodies are better able to absorb these minerals the digestive tract should not get as backed up. During the germination, more enzymes are created and this helps to break the proteins down into its amino acids.  When proteins are broken down into their specific amino acids then your body can more easily recognize, and digest them.  Sprouting your beans will help you to not be quite as gassy after consumption.  It should also increase the fiber, and aid in constipation.

Vitamins A, C, Bs, sodium and carotene greatly increase once there is a sprout growing.sprouting-kit-Y-1024x846 Many studies have shown all of these vitamins and minerals increasing over 100%, and iron and calcium increasing over 30%!  If you are already eating these sproutable foods, then why not fully active and maximize their nutrients and health benefits?  The food also has a higher pH after sprouting and therefore makes it more alkalizing for your body.  You want to eat highly alkaline foods to keep your bodies pH above a 7.0, to resist dis-ease.   Once you sprout your grains, nuts and beans there will be less carbohydrates as all of the starch is now an activated living plant.   This makes sprouting not only great for vegetarians, but also for people with diabetes.  Everyone can benefit from sprouting their foods but especially those who already eat a lot of these sproutable seeds.

The basic way of sprouting is generally the same, although differing in the length of time. Larger seeds will require more time.  You do not want to keep them sprouting too long, and you can store them in the refrigerator for a couple of days.  You want to make sure your room is not too hot or cold for the sprouts, and they have both light and darkness.  You can find exact length of times for your particular seeds of choice, as well as purchase them from sproutpeople.org.  The main thing that can go wrong with sprouting is too much water being present.  You want to make sure to drain the water properly after rinsing, and to allow air to circulate though to avoid spoilage and harmful bacteria.  You also do not want to keep them sprouting too long.

Fill a mason jar ¼ to 1/3 of the way full with seeds, cover with clean water and soak overnight.

Put a screen in the lid and then rinse and drain in the morning

Put jar at angle so can dry and circulate air

Rinse and drain 2-3 times a day and soon sprouts will form


Overall sprouting is an easy way to truly get the most from the foods you already eat. It is simple to do, doesn’t require much extra money, and will leave you feeling much healthier.  Give it a try and let us know how you liked them!


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