Exercising With Children

Health-Children-Exercise-for-Kids-5-Tips-for-Parents-JPAfter having a child a lot of changes take place.   If you worked out prior to having a child then you may have a problem with finding the time or means to work out like you did before.  If you never worked out before your baby but now want to start, you also face the issue of ideas of ways to work out.  Maybe your children are older now and you want to start to work out, well invite them to join along!  Wherever you are in your journey to working out, children can seem like a barrier to your goals but actually you can find ways to incorporate them!   It is important as parents that we set good examples for our children; taking care of our health and bodies are on the top of the list of things to teach them!  For some, exercising is used to get moments away from the children, but for others they can, or may need to share the experience.

If you wake up and allow yourself only thirty minutes of yoga, or exercise of choice, you will not only feel better that you exercised but you will also probably feel more centered with your body and self.  You can start your day feeling energized, accomplished, and healthy!   Quick exercises while children are napping are also highly beneficial. If you usually nap with your child, it may seem you will be tired by skipping it but exercising usually makes you have a boost of energy.     Leave the cleaning to do later, and put in that workout video!  After you exercise you will probably feel more motivated to clean up later.

There is nothing better than spending quality time with your children.  If you have older children you can get a trampoline and work out by jumping with them.  Exercise video games are also beneficial because they may be more interested in working out with you if it’s focused on a game.   Playing sports together will typically leave you running and being full of movement as well!  Dancing can be fun for the whole family.  You can create a playlist with everyone’s favorite songs and the only rule is that everyone has to move while you play it!  You can focus on more rigorous movements or dancing and your children can enjoy whatever movement they like or copy what you are doing.   Taking bike rides together is also a great way to work out, especially if you are pulling them in a trailor!  What seems like simple play can lead to great exercises for the entire family, so it helps you get in better shape and also is a time to look forward to sharing with one another. th

Swimming is an amazing workout and more importantly it is fun! It uses the majority of your muscles and makes you really focus on your breathing.   If you need to, take your child swimming and find a safe float they can use for you to push them while you swim.   In order to swim laps you will more than likely need another adult to assist you in watching the child if they are younger.  Swimming can be enjoyed by the entire family and everyone can have fun while doing so!

thTDMTRNN5Children hiking backpacks are one of the best and most convenient ways to work out!  You can put your baby on your back and they can enjoy the ride while you hike up a mountain or even around your neighborhood.  You get the extra weight to carry around, just make sure to keep your posture as good as possible.   Older children can also enjoy hiking by your side and seeing new places.

Yoga is a gentle yet effective way to exercise.  Yoga is great to teach children because it helps them learn to focus on their breathe, as well as what their bodies are capable of doing.   There are many different positions that can be fun for you and your children to master as you become more flexible, stronger, and balanced.   A lot of them have cool names too, which makes it more interesting  for children.

Exercise doesn’t have to be in the gym or to a video, many things actually give you a work out!  Try mix and matching different exercise techniques to add variety and excitement.  Everybody has their own style of working out; it’s a matter of finding it.  Taking care of your body doesn’t have to be something that seems like a chore or a hassle, make it fun and something to look forward to each day!  Even if you cannot seem to get your children on board for more active play or exercises, you still can exercise yourself!  Many gyms have a childcare center and someone can watch your child while you work out.  Look in your local area and find the gym that best fits both of your needs.  Whatever way you decide to exercise, just make sure you stay active and healthy!  Not only is this important for your own body and health, but for your children to grow up knowing the importance of taking care of themselves.  squareMB



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