Giving Conscious Valentine’s Day Gifts

8c02257452f3d823df63b6643fdcaa2aValentine’s Day is another holiday where businesses make millions of dollars from people trying to express their love to one another. From balloons to chocolates, some stores have had their inventory out for at least a month trying to grab your attention.  This year, think deeper into your gifts and give your loved ones something they can truly benefit from!


If you want to send flowers, consider sending a plant instead. Flowers usually last a week or two, but plants can last years!  Many plants, such as aloe vera, mother – in- law’s tongue, and chrysanthemums are air purifiers and can be of immense use.


If you do want to stick to chocolates, send a delicious but healthy bar! Gnosis is a fabulous raw chocolate brand that has an assortment of flavors sure to please everyone.  They have chocolate bars, elixirs, trail mixes, spreads, and even body care!   Their ingredients are organic and top quality, but most important taste amazing! aphrodisia-gnosis


Crystals and Jewelry

Crystals have incredible powers within them. Some crystals for enhancing and accepting love are rose quarts, rhodocrosite, and green aventurine.  You can buy a piece of jewelry with any of these stones or you can gift the stone itself.   Together, your loved one and you can cleanse the stone and then set your intentions for the stone.  Depending on what type of crystal you use, they can be cleansed different ways.  Typically smudging them and setting them in the moonlight should be okay for most rocks.


Body work is an amazing instrument of healing. The physical touch can do so much for many people.  Giving your loved one a massage is a great way to connect with them and show them you care.  You can also gift them with a massage at a salon or a couple’s massage for you both to enjoy!


Books are full of all sorts of knowledge and can spark many discoveries for people. “Sacred Woman” by Queen Afua is a book that every woman should read.   It is based on ancient Kemetic  teachings and has basic information that woman can apply on all aspects of their lives.  It is a nine month process of self discovery, healing, and love.  Deepak Chopra “The Path to Love” is a wonderful book to assist in the realization of the power and importance of self love for any successful relationship.

Body Products

Most people like to take care of their body, especially women! Your skin absorbs everything that you put on it, so you want to treat it nicely.  A lot of body products are filled with all types of chemicals, so be sure to read the ingredients carefully!  Try to stay away from parabens, phthalates, and hydroquinone; just to name a few.  Try to buy organic products that use all natural ingredients such as shea butter and coconut oil.

Support your local businesses when searching for gifts! You can always find great gifts online on sites such as Etsy.  Nothing says I love you more than taking the time to make a handmade gift for someone.  Regardless of what gift you choose to give this Valentines Day, or even if you choose no gift at all; be sure to express your love not only on February 24th but every day of the year!


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