Are You Getting The Postpartum Rest You Deserve?

In the United States it is too common for women who have just had babies to get up and try to start back to their “normal” lifestyle.  Rather this be quickly returning to work or getting back in the kitchen to fitting into your pre-pregnancy clothes, it is a pattern we are seeing more and more.  Truthfully our country does not make it easy for a mother to adequately heal and rest from the tremendous work she just endured during the nine months of pregnancy that led to the labor and birth of her child. 0a4b3b43486ba7ba83bad331ec6307c1

In the United States neither parent is guaranteed parental leave after the birth of their new child.   Every other developed country not only give maternity leave, but paternity leave, and a vast amount of these are paid for.

It is up to the family, and especially the mother, to make sure to pay close attention to her postpartum wellbeing and care. While making plans for the birth and the baby’s arrival, also make plans on how the mother will be taken care of.

The father taking up responsibilities is imperative to keep the family running properly. The household chores not only are still there but they increase after having a new baby.  From cooking and cleaning up dinner to washing the dog and taking care of any other children, the father will need to take responsibilities that he may not be use to doing.

Delegating tasks to family members is a great way to split up the housework and care of mother. When your family and friends ask what they can do to help, tell them!   Ask them to stop by the store for you or come over and hold the baby so you can take a bath.

2518afe34e826f4e7a501858a6d18bdeOne of the most crucial aspects of postpartum health is a nutritious diet. The mother should have someone preparing very warm and balanced meals for her to feast upon.  Not only did her body just lose a lot of blood but she is also now producing milk and feeding a new baby.  Placenta encapsulation is also very beneficial to replenish the mother. You can ask family members and friends to sign up for a food system to bring you meals, as there are many available online or you can create your own.

Hiring a postpartum doula can be extremely valuable for many families.   Often times family members may live too far or simply not be able to give the new mother and baby all of the help they need.  A doula knows what a new mother may need and will come in and take care of tasks others may not think of.  Often times a mother may feel guilty for ordering friends and family to do the things she temporarily cannot, so it is nice to have an outsider come to help.

iStock_000024667570SmallMany cultures encourage women to take time to heal and rest with their new baby. It is common for women to get rest for about forty days while their family does all of the house work and care for the mother.  It is encouraged that you demand the ability to rest as much as possible.  When preparing your birthing plan, also makes plans for your postpartum and make sure your family and friends are there to support your needs!  By ensuring you are properly taken care after childbirth you are highly decreasing your chances of postpartum depression, depletion, and exhaustion.  It is beneficial for the entire family to have a healthy and happy mama!  What are you doing to make sure your postpartum is as healing as possible?

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