16 Daily Habits for 2016


Silencing your mind and surrendering to relaxation just twenty minutes a day can provide tremendous differences in your life. Meditation not only helps you feel more calm and in control but it actually lowers your blood pressure and has been said to be more effective rest than sleeping.

2.get enough rest
When you are constantly running on empty, you will eventually have a crash! You must make sure to get enough sleep each night and not allow the stresses of life to keep you up and running around, either literally or simply in your head. If you have trouble sleeping then when laying your head down focus on your breathing and this can help you transition into sleep.

3. have a daily smoothie

Having a smoothie a day can help you get in many important nutrients. Being able to have a power drink with different ingredients can be an easy way to add things you may not eat enough of. It is also an excellent way to add power foods such as chlorella, spirilina, hemp seeds,chia seeds, coconut oil, and many more.

4. drink imagesplenty of water
It is easy to get busy with the day and realize you haven’t had much water. You can drink about one galloon of water a day and this will help your body function at its best. You will be able to cleanse and also absorb proper nutrients.

5. change your perspective
Seeing things from a positive view rather than a negative will help change your reality. When you believe that things are always bad, then more than likely that is how you will always feel. Even if something is positive, you see it as negative and so you cannot celebrate. When you seek to see the good, there is even more good to see!

6. have leafy greens
Leafy greens are nutrient dense and taste delicious. Eating greens every day can help you loose weight, have clearer skin, and feel more energized. They are very versatile and can be eaten, or drank with all three meals, making it easy to incorporate them into your diet.Unknown

7. share the love

Life is short and you never know when someones life breath will be. Make sure to tell those you love, that you love them! While you shouldn’t live in fear that you will never see someone again, treating them with respect and love each time you are with them helps the relationship grow even stronger. When you act out of love towards everyone you encounter, then positivity and light will shine back towards you.

8. create
When you actively create, more creations will come to you. Not only does it feel good to create beautiful masterpieces, rather it be a canvas or a wonderful meal; but it actually sparks something within you to want to create more. When you make it a priority to create at least one thing a day, then you’ll probably finding yourself creating even more than that.

9. get at least 15 minutes of direct sunlight

Vitamin D is important for the absorption of many minerals, including calcium. You usually do not get enough vitamin D in your foods so direct sunlight can offer this. Depending on your distance from the equator, without sunscreen allow your body to absorb the healing energy of the sun!

10. be thankful
When you show gratitude for what you have, you are giving thanks to the universe for providing for you. You will probably think less about the things you do not have. Usually when one is grateful for what they have they are also blessed with more.

11. practice yoga
Yoga is not just about the postures, although those are a good place to start. Daily exercise is important for our bodies well being, and yoga not only offers strength but flexibility and mind power. If you choose to move on to the other practices of yoga such as selfless service, then even better!
12. eat the rainbow
Eating a variety of different colored foods ensures you get a variety of vitamins and minerals. Generally speaking if your plate has multiple colors on it, you are probably getting a little bit of all of the nutrients you need.

13. oil pulling
On an empty stomach start your day off by swishing an oil such as coconut or sesame around your mouth for twenty minutes allows you to pull out many toxins and improve general health. From whiter teeth, to less cavities and gum bleeding, to less sinus infections and headaches; the benefits will start to appear!

14. start day with lemon water
After oil pulling, you can drink a glass of warm water with lemon. This can help with digestion and getting your bodies bowel movements going, acting as a light flush. It offers vitamin C and potassium and is great for boosting immune systems and improving your skin.

15. pray
You do not have to be religious to be spiritual. Regardless of if you choose to follow a religion or not, reaching out in prayer helps you become more grounded. When you are able to give thanks for what you have, and also ask for assistance and direction in what you need; you are likely to receive an answer and sign of clarity.

16. open your mind
Keep yourself wanting to grow and learn. When you are constantly seeking new information and searching for a truth then you likely will find it! Everyone is your teacher and each moment is one to learn and grow from, take advantage of the ride.

2016 is going to be what you make of it, so shoot for the moon! January first wake up and decide to make a change, whatever it may be. Choose one of these, or shoot for them all! Comment below and let us know which habits you tried and what your experience was.



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