100 marathons lands pensioner in record books

Marathon runner, Bill Mitchell.

Marathon runner, Bill Mitchell.

A pensioner has entered the record books for being the oldest person to run a marathon – and then go on to complete 100.

Bill Mitchell, 71, joined the prestigious 100 Marathon Club on September 27, after completing the Nottingham Marathon in four hours, 24 minutes.
Super-fit Bill, of Hill Cliff Lane, Turnditch, only picked up the sport aged 65.

It is now understood that Bill has set a new world record for his achievement.

He said: “I feel absolutely euphoric, like I’m flying on a kite. It’s a wonderful feeling. ”

He added: “I had never even been on a run, but at 63 I started to go for a few jogs.

“The jogs developed into 10 kilometre runs, they developed into half marathons, and before long I was entering my first marathon.”

In 2010, Bill completed the London Marathon, which put him firmly on the right track.


Marathon runner, Bill Mitchell.

Marathon runner, Bill Mitchell.

Since then, he has travelled all over the world to take part in races.

He said: “The high I had after finishing London, the euphoria, it was just brilliant. And I still feel that was about running.

“The moment I don’t feel that is the moment I’ll give up.”

Bill is now aiming to run the Marathon De Sables – one of the toughest foot races in the world – which pushes contestants to run 156 miles across the Sahara desert in six days.
He said he has employed Rory Coleman, who has trained Ranulph Fiennes and has completed over 900 marathons, to train him for the race.

If he finishes, Bill will be the oldest person ever to complete the gruelling 

Bill, who has one daughter with wife Linda, said his fastest ever time to complete a marathon is an impressive three hours, 54 minutes.

Bill said: “A lot of people are surprised when they find out how many marathons I run at this age.”

He added: “There’s no real secret to training for marathons. I just take my time, take things step-by-step, and it seems to be working out.”

Originally a member of Ashbourne Running Club, Bill now trains with Shelton Striders, with the 100 Marathon Club being his second club.

A spokesperson for the 100 Marathon Club said they had confirmed Bill is the oldest person to complete his first marathon, and then go on to run 100.

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