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Moringa is a tea easily grown and widely used for its abundance of health benefits. You can boil water and mix it with lime, add it to orange juice or a smoothie, or even add it to your foods such as applesauce or yogurt. Moringa is nutrient rich and helps improve digestion, gives you energy, improves the stomach lining and ulcers, and much more.


Avocado has the good fats that your body needs. If you are already eating a well balanced healthy diet you can easily add avocado to a salad, burger,smoothie, salad dressing or sushi roll. Avocados aid in brain development and help you absorb other nutrients. They have fatty acids that dramatically decrease your cholesterol and improve your heart health. They are filled with many vitamins that are essential to your health. One cup of cubed avocado brings in 2 % daily intake of calcium, 3 g of protein, 4 % daily intake of vitamin A, 5 % daily intake of iron and 25%daily intake of vitamin C (nutritiondata).


Quinoa is an amazing food to get use to eating on a daily base! It is so filling and can be paired with almost anything. There are an abundance of recipes you can find of ways to eat this if not once, but multiple times a day. In just one cup of cooked quinoa you get 8g protein, 3% daily calcium intake, and 15% daily iron and 222 calories (nutritiondata). You also get a good amount of copper, which is good for brain development. This is much more nutrient rich than rice is, and can be prepared the same way; one cup quinoa to two cups water. You can eat quinoa for breakfast with berries and coconut milk, for lunch in a wrap or a salad, and dinner in a stir fry or casserole.


There has been recent question about high amounts of kale being toxic for you. Its important to remember that too much of anything, even water, is not good for you. You want to be sure to keep everything in balance. In simply one cup of raw kale you get 2g protein, 9% daily intake of calcium, 6% daily intake of iron, 134% daily intake of vitamin c and 206% daily intake of vitamin A, as well as high in folate and other vitamins. (nutritiondata) Kale can be enjoyed many ways. You can finely chop it for a wonderful refreshing salad or sauté it. Juicing it is always fun, as well as making kale chips in the dehydrator!


This superfood is amazing to add to a daily smoothie or juice. It is an algae that is flowing with vitamins, minerals, fats, proteins, and nucleic acids. Just adding a small amount to your smoothie will give you a quick burst of nutrients and is quite the superfood. It is known to help with cancer, and radiation treatments from cancer. It is also helpful in regulating the gut bacteria. Chlorella is good for quickly replicating itself and creating bonds for toxins to safely exit your body.
Alkaline water

Water is such an important factor to our well being. You want to try to drink flouride free water, and spring water if you can. You want to be sure the water is alkaline, which means having a ph balance of 7 or higher. This helps your body become more of an alkaline environment, not allowing disease to thrive. Tap water is fill of fluoride and all types of added minerals that you want to try to avoid consuming. By drinking water with a ph of 7 or above we are allowing our body to detox itself naturally and maintain a more alkaline environment.
Herbal Tea

Herbs are amazingly beneficial on all types of levels. You can make fresh or dried herbs into a tea for the most benefits but you can also use tea bags. Depending on what your body is needing at the time, you can switch up the tea of the day. For instance, if you are pregnant you would want to drink red raspberry leaf on a daily basis and avoid caffeinated or black teas and herbs such as ginseng. If you have high blood pressure you may want to try drinking herbal teas with cinnamon or hawthorne. You have to be sure to be careful with herbal teas, as some herbs are not good for particular body environments. Before drinking herbal teas you want to look up the herbs and compare to your body.

Orange Juice

Oranges contain a high amount of vitamin c as well as folate. Drink one glass a day and you will instantly feel a boost of energy, as well as your body will get a boost of immunity. If you are taking a daily vitamin, especially iron, the orange juice will allow you to better absorb these nutrients.


Blueberries contain a high amount of antioxidants which are good for fighting off disease and making your skin look great. Blueberries also help with inflammation. They are easy to snack on, add to smoothies, salads, yogurt, or desserts!


A handful of nuts, particularly almond or walnut

Almonds are wonderful for your heart and for diabetes. They are loaded with vitamins so just a handful will give you an extra boost. Nuts tend to be quite filling so they help you feel satisfied when you are hungry, helping prevent over snacking on junk. Walnuts especially are packed with nutrition for your brain, isn’t that funny considering how it looks like a brain?!


Yogurt or Kombucha, some sort of probiotic

A daily probiotic is good to keep your bodys powerhouse going. Probiotics are full of bacteria, but the good bacterias that our body need. It helps to keep the colon regulated so the harmful bacteria can not thrive. It also adds a great boost to your immune system, even helping to prevent and treat many disease.

If you incorporate these foods into your daily diet I ensure you will see and feel a range of benefits. From more energy, to feeling more balanced and grounded, less disease and improved immunity, more strength and stanima; the list is endless.
Pair all of these foods with a well balanced diet and you will be on your way to shining and feeling brighter than ever!

An easy way to ensure you eat these foods daily is to make a daily smoothie including your orange juice, yogurt, blueberries,avocado, moringa, and cholorella. Carry nuts with you for an easy snack at any moment during the day. Bring a water bottle full pf alkaline water along with you wherever you go, and drink a tea in the morning and before bed. Incorporate quinoa and kale into at least one of your meals, and voila you have added all of these foods to your daily diet without even skipping a beat on delicious and convenient meals.


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