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dfdfdOn his wedding reception, Canadian national Frank Gregoire did the unthinkable. In a heart-rending gesture, Gregoire performed Aashiqui 2’s popular love ballad ‘Tum Hi Ho’ for his Indian bride that left her teary-eyed. Apparently, it took him six weeks to learn the lyrics and piano chords for the song. He pulled it off with proper Hindi diction without stuttering or skipping a single beat while preserving the intensity of the original song.

Gregoire, who got married to Simran Malhotra in Baltimore, Maryland, performed the song at the couple’s Christian and Sikh wedding ceremony. He had initially planned to either write or read a poem for his bride. The couple invited 130 of their closest relatives on their wedding day who were in tears when they heard Gregoire sing.

While Malhotra is from Toronto, Gregoire is from Sherbrooke, Que. They met at work back in 2012 in Baltimore, where they now reside.

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