Parents If you have a teenager you must watch… Danger of Social Media.

Screen-Shot-2015-08-11-at-6.13.24-PMThe shocking nature of this video has become all too familiar in our everyday lives.  Children are being taught in school and at home by their parents about stranger danger.  We too often assume that what we think we are drilling into our children’s heads about talking to strangers on social media, is impacting them to be wary and never ever to meet up with a stranger.  Unfortunately, more often than not, words seem to not be enough to really create the impact needed to keep our children safe.

Coby Persin creates a social experiment, (with the permission of young teenage girls’ parents), in which he pretends to be a young teenage boy who befriends them by chatting on a fake Facebook account.  After only a few days of friendly chatting he invites each girl to meet him.  In each and every case the young girl agrees to meet with him when their parents are not around; going into a strange vehicle, meeting in a park at night, giving her address and opening her front door.

The sheer terror of the parents of these girls and the impact of the what the reality could have been for the girls themselves, had this in fact been a pedophile luring them, hopefully will be unforgettable and will change the possibility of their ever doing anything so dangerous again.  Watching this video with your own teens can be an invaluable tool in waking them up to the reality of the dangers that lurk in the anonymity of social media “friendships”.  Friendships occur in face to face encounters and experience that grow over time.  We must encourage our children to have faith in real relationships to better avoid the potential of the terrible danger that exists through blind trust and the illusion of friendship falsely created through social media.

Please Share This With Friends and Family, It Could Save A Life

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