Five Big Reasons You Should Become Vegan


  • Your health

  • The Environment

  • The Animals

  • How you Feel

  • How you Look


yogaOnBeach.jpg.pagespeed.ce.1d3d2RnxWiYour Health

When on a plant based diet you are not eating any meat from an animal, nor any byproducts that come from an animal. By omitting these foods from your diet you tend to eat more foods that are alkaline for your body. An alkaline environment means that disease cannot form. Fresh vegetables, fruits, grains, and nuts are all filling ways to get all of the nutrients that your body needs to thrive. When you are eating these nutrient rich whole foods your body will tend to slim down, and become a more healthy alkaline environment. You have to ensure that you are eating a well balanced diet full of everything you need and you will be successful at a vegan diet. Many people tend to become vegetarian or vegan and then eat a lot of starches; too much pasta and bread. A healthy vegan diet incorporates mainly vegetables and unprocessed, whole foods.

There have been various studies showing that following a plant based diet does in fact reduce your risk of many diseases, including but defiantly not limited to; cancer, diabetes, high cholesterol and blood pressure, and heart disease. Plants tend to be extremely high in antioxidants, which protect your cells from free radicals, or disease causing atoms.
Plant based foods also have high amounts of photochemicals which give the plant protection, smell, and color. There are many classes of photochemicals, all very beneficial to our health in various ways. Mainly they protect our cells from formations of carcinogens and harmful cell replication. Fiber is also high in fruits and vegetables so this keeps your body’s bowel movement regular. It is crucial that your body is exposing of the extra materials and waste it does not need to maintain proper balance within your body.

Not only are you gaining all of the health benefits from what you actually are eating but what you are not eating. Meat tends to easily be contaminated causing food poisoning and is also full of hormones, pesticides, antibiotics and all sorts of things you do not want in your body. By avoiding meat you are taking much less of a risk of getting ill or adding extra junk to your body.

The environment

Cow manure and the process it takes in raising animals is bad for the environment and climate control as it causes a major increase of carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide into the air. The WorldWatch Institue released a report stating that 51 percent or more of global greenhouse-gas emissions are caused by animal agriculture. That is ridiculous to be harming our environment on such a large level when we could more efficiently feed everyone off of a plant based diet.

Not only is the process of raising the animals bad for our environment but the amount of food and water it takes to feed the animals is astounding. With all of the grains it takes to feed one cow, many people could be nourished from the grain itself.

Vegetables are much easier to eat locally or grow yourself. Often times you do not know where your meat is coming from and it has been transported from far away. Although not all vegans choose to grow their own vegetables, it much certainly is easier than raising and butchering your own animals. There are usually also local farmers or markets where you can get fresh fruits and vegetables, which is much better for the environment than mass producing and transporting foods.



The animals

According to the peta website the average person eats around two hundred animals a year! We choose what animals we eat. Some people would never consider eating a cow, and even find it offensive. There are also people who choose to eat dogs, while others keep dogs as their best friends. All animals are equally worthy, important, and special. Animals are extremely intelligent beings who have have feelings as well. Time and time again we have seen people and animals be able to communicate with one another and form intimate bonds. It does not seem acceptable to domesticate and befriend certain animals and then choose to eat others.
It also should be morally questioned rather creating, growing, replicating, and cloning animals is okay. Especially when this is done just to kill and then consume them. We have taken the authenticity out of preparing animals for food. Now days animals are completely tortured, created just to be killed, not properly nourished, left with illness, not seeing daylight, and unethically killed. If everyone had to go out and kill the meat they were eating they would probably look at it from a whole different perspective.

How you feel

When you stop eating meat you will probably notice a high increase of energy. It does not take away your body’s energy when digesting vegetables as much as it does with meat. Fresh foods give you an abundance of energy so you can do what you need to do and still feel energized. Many people also report being able to sleep better throughout the night once they eat a plant based diet. Your body will more than likely get any disease much less often. You also mentally feel good knowing you are on a harm free diet.

You-Are-What-You-EatHow you look

Everyone wants to not only feel good, but look good too! Many vegetarians and vegans hold on to their young looks well into older age. When you are vegan you tend to go towards more fresh vegetables and fruits instead of meat. Fresh foods help you not only feel but look good because they are good for your skin, nails, and hair. People who do not eat meat also tend to be slimmer than those who do. You should have less saturated fats by not eating meat, and these tend to clog pores. The antioxidants in the vegetables and fruits also give you a boost, along with all of the wonderful super foods you will probably find yourself eating.

Overall making the choice to become vegan may come from many different reasons. There are a lot of benefits to choosing a cruelty free diet, not only for yourself but for the animals, the environment, and the human race. Selecting a variety of vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, and seeds will ensure that you are adequately getting your nutrients. When planned correctly, a vegan diet can bring about a wealth of health for you and your loved ones. There are a multitude of reasons to motivate you to become vegan, whats your reasoning?

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