Study Links Hypertension with Eating Out (Even Once A Week)

Fat-foodSo we know that eating out all the time can be very bad for your health. But most of those studies are in regards to things like fast food. Fast food is easily unhealthy because simply observing how the food is prepared—as well as judging the ingredients—tells us that it is unhealthy.

But a new study—the first of its kind—has linked eating meals, in a general sense, with higher blood pressure. This study examines the risk factor for hypertension in association with eating meals away from home; and not just the ones we know are bad.

Lead study author Professor Tazeen Jafar comments, “While there have been studies conducted in the United States and Japan to find behaviors associated with hypertension, very few have surveyed a Southeast Asian population.”
The professor at the Health Services and Systems Program at Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School, in Singapore, goes on to say, “Our research plugs that gap and highlights lifestyle factors associated with pre-hypertension and hypertension that are potentially modifiable, and would be applicable to young adults globally, especially those of Asian descent.”

He also says that this is the very first study to examine the link between eating out and hypertension.

Now, hypertension, alone, while a risky healthy condition, is not necessarily terrible. It can be managed and even remedied through lifestyle changes. However, the pressure that the condition puts on the cardiovascular system can, over time, lead to much more complex problems. This might include heart failure, heart attack, kidney failure, aneurysm, and even stroke.

More importantly, approximately 70 million adults and now 2 million children are affected by hypertension in the United States every year. So a study that indicates eating at home can better protect you and your family certain has some great relevance.

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source: Pioneer News by Silvia Fernadez


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