how was your weekend running?


Yesterday morning I set off for my long run at 6.40am. I’m pretty sure at points I was the only person awake – or possibly the only person awake and sober, anyway – within a mile radius. It was cold, frosty and slippery underfoot and, as the sun came up, utterly beautiful. The playing fields and meadows by the river were white with the frost, the sky streaked with orange and my legs fairly soon streaked with slightly crunchy semi-frozen mud. Nice.

My other half had just updated my running playlist for me. What’s the opposite of that phenomenon where your iPod shuffle playlist miraculously pulls the most appropriate song out of the mix at key moments? Whatever it’s called, I had it. Every single tune appeared to be about summer evenings. Admittedly, there probably aren’t that many upbeat, jaunty, running-appropriate tunes about dark winter mornings, but still.

So, those who listen to music while they run, what’s your favourite running tune? And what’s the most embarassing tune on your playlist? I’ll ‘fess up right now to having Let it Go on mine. Like I don’t get to listen to that enough at home, courtesy of the five-year-old …

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source: The Guardian by Kate Carter


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