69-year-old runs 4 marathons in 4 days

2025131722Waking up at 3:30 a.m. Thursday, Larry Macon ate his oatmeal and hit the running trail.

He wasn’t just participating in a local Turkey Trot to lessen the guilt of turkey day feasting, though. He had flown in from Texas to not only run the Seattle Marathon on Sunday but to run four marathons in four days — more than 104 miles.

Macon is one of about 40 participants in this year’s Seattle Quadzilla — so called because it is a four-race event of “epic proportions, kind of like the monster Godzilla,” said Steve Walters, one of the Seattle Quadzilla organizers, and as of Saturday, the man with the fastest time.

Seattle-area runners have long been running multiple marathons around Puget Sound on Thanksgiving weekend and even some quadzillas, but the Seattle Quadzilla was officially created in 2010 by some Seattle area runners who are part of a national group called “Marathon Maniacs,” Walters said.

“It is the runners’ version of Vegas,” said Sabrina Seher, 35, the women’s group lead runner as of Saturday. “People go to Vegas for an indulgent weekend, and this is four days of indulging in running.”

The first marathon this year was the Wattle Waddle in Gas Works Park in Seattle on Thanksgiving Day. Friday was the Wishbone Run along the Green River Trail in Tukwila. Saturday was the Ghost of the Seattle Marathon, run on the old Seattle Marathon route near Seward Park. The Quadzilla finishes off with the Seattle Marathon on Sunday morning.

Those who don’t want to run four full marathons in four days can opt for a Quadzuki and run four half-marathons in four days.

Jennifer Yan and her husband, Matt, flew in Wednesday from Mississippi. The couple have always run together, so for their fourth wedding anniversary they decided to run these four marathons in four days. Having run many marathons in the past, the couple upped their mileage the past two months, but didn’t need any more training than that.

Yan averaged about six hours for the first three runs, but says she is saving her energy for the Seattle Marathon, when everyone gets more competitive and tries to beat their own times.

Because many of these runners have been Marathon Maniacs for years, faces have become familiar. Most of the runners know Macon, who started running in his 50s. Now, at 69, he has run more than 70 marathons in Washington and is one of the oldest runners. He is famous among the group — and the world.

In 2013 Macon made it into the Guinness World Records for the most marathons run in a year — 239.

“It is a matter of craziness,” he said. “It is just a matter of getting out and doing it … The physical part, you get used to doing one race after another, but mentally sometimes you are like, ‘Oh no, I’m doing this again?’ ”

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source: The Seattle Times by Coral Garnick


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