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Green_AlgaeChlorella is a micro-algae that is naturally occurring. It is found in water and is believed to have been around for billions of years.Many times when Chlorella is mentioned or used it is used along side Spirulina, which is another micro-algae. Both products can be used alone or together as a dietary supplement for human beings, aquarium life, as well as poultry.

What are the reasons people consume chlorella?

Chlorella is consumed by many people because of the possible health benefits it provides. Though these benefits are not supported by the FDA, in many studies it has proven to be effective for:

– The prevention of cancer
– Mitigating the side effects of radiation treatment
– Stimulating the immune system
– Increasing white blood cell levels
– Preventing common infections
– Slowing or reversing the aging process
– Treatment of ulcers
– Treatment of constipation
– Ridding one of halitosis
– Reducing high blood pressure
– Reducing high cholesterol
– Treatment of fatigue
– Relieving of PMS
– Reducing the occurrence of asthma attacks
– Possible relief from symptoms fibromyalgia

This is just a small sample of the many conditions that have shown positive signs when consuming Chlorella. It is also a great resource for protein, healthy fats, fiber, vitamins, and minerals so it is truly a great food source

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Fitness Instructor
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