HOMEOPATHY-Monday Allergies and Use of Homeopathy



Modern medicine is rapidly evolving in many areas, however, more and more people are deciding for the use of homeopathy to fight against allergies. Homeopathy uses medicines that are adapted to the individual and tries to capture an overall health status of a person, not just the symptoms. Homeopath must consider the complexity of the sick person’s symptoms and compare them with similar symptoms, which could be caused by an individual substance in larger quantities.


Although many believe that allergies are mostly a problem of modern time, mankind has already faced them in the old civilizations like Egyptian. There are numerous historical records that talk about allergy to pollen, specific food and animal products. Some studies argue that the number of allergies is increasing due to environmental pollution, too stressful life and poorer quality of food and air. 40 percent of the population has the possibility of an allergic reaction to a substance that is otherwise harmless. Antihistamines and corticosteroids are effective drugs, but especially in the long-term use they have unpleasant side effects. The advantage of treating allergies with homeopathic medicines is the absence of side effects, which is particularly important for most vulnerable groups (children, elderly, pregnant women, athletes, nursing mothers). Homeopathic treatment of allergies is already recommended in the preventive phase;  homeopathy can also be used in the phase of simultaneous treatment. Homeopathic medicines are based on the assumption that the only effective medicine is the one that causes symptoms similar to the disease that should be treated.


Hay fever, caused by pollen is the most common health problem of people with tendencies to allergy. Typical symptoms of pollen allergy are red and watery eyes (conjunctivitis), sneezing, swollen mucous and nasal discharge. For the prevention or mitigation of hay fever, homeopaths recommend medicine which is a special blend of homeopathic allergens that cause allergy to pollen. This medicine is also appropriate when the first symptoms of hay fever occur. An important supplement to treat allergies is also a preparation of black currant, which has anti-inflammatory activity and stimulates the immune system. Herbal preparation is made from the tip of black currant. The young shoots of this plant contain a lot of embryonic tissue which has an effect on the adrenal gland and stimulates the secretion of cortisone. Cortisone is beneficial in reducing inflammatory processes in the body, which includes allergic reactions such as hay fever, conjunctivitis, allergic asthma, hives and eczema.


Homeopathy has a long history of successful allergies treatment and homeopaths have made important contributions to today’s understanding of allergies. Treatment with homeopathy can be used for many different types of allergies. It can also be used in milder and severe disease conditions, but it cannot be used for diseases which already led to irreversible damage. Official medicine does not recognize homeopathy as a useful and effective method of the disease treatment, but more and more individuals are choosing this type of treatment.


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source: Liberty Voice by Janette Verdnit


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