Balega partnership for 2014 training camps

balega-sport-socks-homeActive at Altitude is delighted to announce a partnership with Balega socks. The US / South African sock manufacturer is well known for producing socks for the independent running specialty market. Balega have developed a reputation  for socks that offer unique performance and fit characteristics that set them apart in the US market. Balega will provide socks for every runner that attends one of the 2014 Active at Altitude training camps in Estes Park, Colorado, and at other locations in the USA.

All Balega socks are manufactured at a state of the art production facility in Cape Town, South Africa utilizing the best performance yarns manufactured in the USA. Their customers are serviced via a distribution facility in Hickory, NC. Balega socks come in a variety of styles and thicknesses to suit every runner, both on trail and road.

Tanya Pictor, VP Sales and Marketing at Balega, comments: “Terry and Jacqui Chiplin do amazing work putting together real running camps for passionate runners. That embodies who we are – foot solutions for the passionate runner who wants to excel at their own performance. Where better to get involved but at the grassroots level? That is where the passion runs at the highest levels!”

Active at Altitude owner and Camp Director, Terry Chiplin, adds: “We are delighted that Balega contacted us to initiate this partnership. Balega socks have been a favorite of ours since being introduced to them at Fleet Feet Sports in Boulder. Our training camps and events give Balega a unique opportunity to have their socks be presented directly to their target market. Grass roots initiatives like this can have a tremendous impact beyond the scope of the initial exposure for Balega. We look forward to working with Balega this coming year, and in the future.”

Balega will also be donating 10 pairs of socks as prizes to be won in the ATRA (American Trail Running Association) Prize Draw at the second annual Trail Running Conference at the Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, October 9-11, 2014.

Balega is a Zulu word meaning “to move with speed” – their speedy socks will no doubt make an impression on the runners training with Active at Altitude in 2014!


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We look forward to seeing you!

Terry Chiplin
Owner / Camp Director of Active Mind Race Camps
Endurance Training Coach
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