Hit the Ground Running – 3 Tips to Get Fit in 2014

Marathon_colleen-promoAs a full time working mother of three young boys, I have learned there are no excuses on why not to be physically fit.  Follow my tips below to help get you back on track and welcome 2014 with more energy.

I am proud to say by using my suggestions below I have lost over 50 pounds.  And not only have a lost that weight, I have kept it off for over a year!  I went from a size 16 to a size 5/6! In fact, the photo above is me running my first 1/2 marathon!

First, you have to set goals.

Make sure to include short and long term milestones.  What is it you want to achieve?  Have you lost touch with the person or body you had years ago?  Are you in shape but want to take you fitness to the next level?  Now how are you going to reach your goals?  What steps are you going to take to make it happen?

My tip is to make sure your short term goal is attainable (maybe run your first 5K) and your long term (run a ½ or better yet full marathon) will take some hard work to reach.  As once you succeed on then will you truly appreciate how far you have come.  Positive thinking and choices go a long ways!

Roasted Tamari Almonds

Secondly, you have to make better food choices.

I hate the word diet!  I feel this ugly word many times creates failure in and of itself.  And trust me I know what it is like to be overweight and trying to start the overwhelming process of shedding those extra pounds that have snuck up and around you.

The key is portion control!  Start by cutting back how much you are eating and then incorporate healthier food choices.  Food choices like fruits and veggies, proteins and fiber…and a balanced meal plan.

Make sure you have good for you foods (nuts, dried fruits, protein bars, etc..) on hand and take them with you when you are out and about.  There are no excuses on what you are putting in your mouth.  You are accountable!  Just be prepared and don’t forget controlled indulgences so you do not feel deprived and over eat.

running up that hill (what hill??)

The third key is getting active and staying active!

Easing back into an active lifestyle is important to help ward off injuries! At first being active and getting a workout in can seem like a daunting task. But speaking from personal experience, make sure you schedule in your workouts; at least five days a week.  Treat your workout time like any other required appointment and get it done.  The more frequent you are able to complete your fitness routine, the easier it will be next time.  Soon working out will become a routine you can’t imagine going without.

Keep pushing your fitness level to the next step.  You can make it happen in the gym, in your home and even at place of work!  Sneak in extra calorie burning activities throughout your busy day.  Activities like taking the stairs (instead of the elevator), walking or biking to work, taking a break during the day to do a few pushups or even crunches from your chair and a nice walk with your family or loved one after a crazy day.

Welcome 2014 and make better choices to get physically fit.  My long term goal is now to run my first full marathon, as I completed my first ½ marathon in October.  What are your goals?

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– Scientist for over 7 years
– Runner for LIFE

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