HOMEOPATHY-Monday “10 Ways to Cure Cancer Without Taking A Single Pill”


soursops (2)It is unlikely there will ever be a “magic pill” to cure Cancer. To someone reading this who has cancer or has a loved one with cancer, that may sound very negative. But notice that I said there will never be a “magic pill”, I didn’t say that there will never be a cure.

Although it is unlikely there will ever be a “magic pill” to cure Cancer the good news is, there is already ways to cure cancer naturally.  The title of this article is “Cure Cancer Naturally – 10 ways that work” but instead of 10 single ways to cure cancer or 10 “magic pills” rather I refer to 10 powerful things you can do that done together can and will cure cancer or at least set you on the right course. The cure for cancer or anything for that matter is always multifaceted, multiple things that someone does at the same time that together, bring about their own personal cure.

The human body is designed to heal itself. Everyone produces cancer cells in their body at times. It is just that most peoples immune systems have the resources available to take care of them. People with Cancer have simply reached the stage that their immune system is so overworked that it has no resources left to take care of the cancer.

It is a bit like a bank account, if someone has a bank account that is overflowing with money, they have no problem paying their bills. In fact they may even have an “Automatic Payment Program” set up to pay their bills automatically. This is how the immune system works in a healthy body. The immune system has so much energy and resources available that it takes care of infections, viruses, cancer cells and other dis-ease automatically. Now, if a bank account is in “negative balance” there is no money to pay the bills. Someone with a bank account in the negative may even get a visit from a collections agent that comes to say “pay up”.

Cancer is a bit like that collections agent. Cancer comes to say “pay up”. It is not a “war” or something to be hated. Cancer really comes as a benevolent friend that says “Some things in your life must change”.

Like a bank account, if we stop the “drains” (withdrawals) to the account and increase the “gains” (deposits) the balance goes up until finally it reaches a “positive balance” again and we can pay our bills. It is the same for Cancer and all dis-ease for that matter. If we can stop doing the things that drain our energy and start doing the things that gain us energy we can give the immune system its power back so that over time it too will reach “positive balance” again and be able to clean up the Cancer.

So here are 10 things that done together will cure Cancer. There are 1000s more and what works for one person, will not necessarily work for another. It is important that a person chooses their own cure out of the things that work for them, or that they enjoy.

Let go of your prognosis – “You have 3 months to live” are very powerful words. Doctors should be banned from saying such things. Thousands of people across the world have healed themselves of Cancer after being told these words. You can choose to believe otherwise, it is very important to do so.

Professional Natural Treatment – There are clinics in Mexico, Germany and other countries that are run by medical doctors that use cutting edge natural methods to cure Cancer with great success.  In 2005 I visited 6 centers in Mexico.  I was most impressed with “Biomedical” or “the Hoxsey Clinic”.  I met dozens of people there who had been cured there of many different types of Cancer.  Research these places yourself and find one that you feel comfortable with.  Some are very expensive, but some like the Hoxsey Clinic are inexpensive.

Turmeric – This wonder herb has been shown to replace at least 14 different pharmaceutical drugs. Scientists have shown that turmeric can even kill cancerous cells in the body

Do what you love to do – Cancer often comes to say “You are not doing what you love”.  If you change your life and start doing some things you love to do, or even make it your career, you will go along way to curing your Cancer.  Cancer doesn’t do to well in the bodies of people who are constantly happy.

Cannabis – Numerous studies have shown the cancer curing powers of  cannabis. From Rick Simpson’s hemp oil, to treating leukemia with low doses of marijuana, there seems to be endless possibilities for the use of marijuana in cancer treatment.

Juice Fasting – This is so powerful that people have cured their Cancer by just doing this. The key to curing Cancer or anything is to give the body a rest to it can recuperate enough energy to have enough resources available to heal itself. Juice Fasting is a great way to get stacks of nutrients while at the same time giving your digestive system and your body a huge rest.

Lose the Drama – If someone has Cancer, if they are talking about it constantly and using it to get attention, they will keep the Cancer alive. Like the main character in a soap opera, the soap opera can only survive while the character is alive. Remove your focus from the Cancer and focus on your progress. Just your progress. See yourself living in a perfectly healthy body and do your best to stop talking about your Cancer or how fast your tumors are growing etc.

Soursop – This miracle fruit grown in tropical climates has been show to be 1000 times stronger than chemotherapy for treating cancer. Eat it in it’s raw for or use it to make juice or smoothies. You can purchase soursop juice and fruits from Caribbean markets or you can grow it yourself

Preserve Energy – Many people with Cancer or any disease for that matter are people who don’t know how to say “no”.  They are so busy pleasing others that they give all of their time and energy away.  It is imperative that a person with Cancer conserves their energy and as much as possible only does things that make them feel happy and relaxed.

Body Cleansing – Cleaning your liver, bowels and kidneys is an amazing way to give your body some power back.  Their are 100s of recipes and products out there.  Do your own research.  Google “Liver Cleanse Recipes” and the like.  Choose one that you like the sound of.  Do it gently.  Lemon Juice (1/2 Cup) and Olive or Almond oil (1-3 Tablespoons) taken upon rising is a great start.

Meditation, Yoga, Gardening etc – Find something that calms you, grounds you and connects you to your source, whether it be the source within you, the earth or the sun.

OK I spilled over to 11! but the point is there are thousands of things you can do to contribute to your Cancer cure.  Not one thing alone will cure Cancer but doing a host of things together can and will.  Choose the things that have the greatest effect for you.  Choose the things that you enjoy.  It may be hard at first, but like a rocket taking off, once you are off the ground it will get easier and easier.

Disclaimer:  FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY and is NOT to be construed as medical advice, diagnosis, or a self-help prescription for any individual or any specific health condition.

— End of Disclaimer —

With regard to the above disclaimer, I would like to add that the best Physician for you, is you. Consult your Physician yes, consult other health professionals too. Search the internet for information too. Consult as many resources as possible so you can make your own decisions regarding your health. They key is to have the most choices possible so you can decide for yourself.

Daniel Coates is a registered Polarity Therapist (RPP), Qualified Rebirther and Sound Healer from Sydney, Australia. In 2005/2006 Daniel travelled for 14 months to places that were curing people of Cancer and other serious diseases using natural methods.


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