The study, by researchers at the Department of Plastic Surgery at Case Western Reserve University, looked at 79 sets of twins between the ages of 18 and 78 at the annual August gathering of twins in Twinsburg, Ohio.

The researchers found that the smoking twin appeared older up to 63% of the time and that aging differences could set in after just five years.

The study looked at other aging factors — alcohol consumption, stress and sunscreen use, for instance — and found they were similar in these sets of twins.  It didn’t address changes in the twins’ living environment or diet.

“Smoking reduces the collagen formation, results in collagen degradation and reduces the skin circulation,” one doctor said.

“Additionally, nicotine reduces the skin thickness. All of these reduce skin elasticity and (cause) premature aging.”  The study was published in the journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

1Here’s something to think about the next time you put a cigarette to your lips: The skin around those lips is going to look older, faster.  You’re also more likely to get bags under your eyes sooner.  And jowls.  And more wrinkles around those lips.


Researchers in Ohio studied the physical differences between the faces of nonsmokers and their twins who smoked and found confirmation of a long-held belief: Smoking does indeed age you.



Answers to the above pictures:

Picture #1:  The twin on the left smoked 17 years longer than the twin on the right.

Picture #2:  The twin on the right is a smoker. The twin on the left is a non-smoker.

Picture #3:  The twin on the right is a smoker. The twin on the left is a non-smoker.

Picture #4:  The twin on the right is a smoker. The twin on the left is a non-smoker

What are your thoughts?


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