Shake Track & Field: A running club with some flavor

310756WASHINGTON – “Order up!” may not be the first words most runners hear after a hard run, but for more than 150 Washingtonians, it’s very familiar.

Tuesday night marked another gathering of Shake Track & Field — a social, physical and gastronomic club organized by the Logan Circle Pacers and Shake Shack in Dupont Circle.

The “track team” began during the summer of 2013 and meets on the second Tuesday of each month. And the number of people who participate in the run doubles almost every time.

“We’re definitely feeling like the momentum is picking up now,” says Jenny Conrad, general manager for Shake Shack in Dupont Circle and the F Street, NW location.

Conrad says the idea for Shake Track & Field came from the burger company’s area director, Allen Ng.

“He’s a marathon runner and a triathlete, so310757 I think he just looked at his passions and said, ‘You know, I have a passion for what I do in my career and I have a passion for running. How can we combine them? How can we take running and use it as a way to get more involved in the community?'” Conrad says.

Elyse Braner, run club leader at Pacers, says Shake Shack’s Conrad and Ng joined some group runs at Pacers, and eventually suggested the two businesses start a combined running club.

“The thing I find with these run clubs is the social aspect is so important to keep people involved in the sport and to keep them on track for their fitness goals, so you know, you come out and do a run and then you get to socialize, so it’s a perfect pairing,” says Braner, who gives runners the option of doing a 3-or 5-mile run through the city.

Ed Moser came into the city on Tuesday from Alexandria to join the Shake Track & Field group run for the first time.

“They had such a big group of people on Facebook, 140 had signed up, so you knew it would be a lot of fun,” says Moser who met some friends from the DC Triathalon Club at the run. “It sounds like a fun thing to do during the fall.”

Dan Pick was also at the run for his first time on Tuesday. He’s currently training for the Marine Corps Marathon, and decided to mix up his training with a fun run.

“It’s a good group. There are lots of different paces, so no one is running alone,” Pick says. “It’s very safe and it’s well organized.”

Once runners crossed the “finish line” where 18th and Connecticut Ave., NW meet, they were greeted with water bottles and conversation from Shake Shack staff and other runners.

Most runners filed into the burger shack, post-run, which was already crowded with a normal Tuesday dinner crowd.

Shake Track & Field also has teams in New York, Philadelphia and Miami, and despite the cold winter weather approaching, Conrad says she plans to keep it up and … well, running.

“As long as it doesn’t get cold too soon, we can keep it moving,” she says.

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