Possible Link Found Between Breast Cancer and BPA

download (3)Breast Cancer is becoming more and more common today thanks in part to lifestyle choices and a lack of mammograms. Now scientists say they have found a possible link between breast cancer and the BPA, the estrogen like chemical.

Bisphenol A or BPA is a chemical that has by under the microscope by health experts for years. Consumer advocates have helped to get the chemical removed from infant formula containers and baby bottles.

A report released in September from the Breast Cancer Fund, an advocacy group, says that BPA could present a risk to babies even prior to their taking their first sip of milk.

The new report was prepared by researchers after ssu-14-225x300analyzing 60 human and animal studies, which linked the BPA prenatal exposure to an heightened risk of a number of different  health problems that ranged from prostate cancer to breast cancer to fertility problems, neurological problems, changes in the immune system and early puberty.

Over 90% of Americans have some amount of BPA inside their bodies, said researchers. Studies found BPA in fetal tissue as well as in blood from the umbilical cord and fluid from the amniotic sack, said scientists.

In 2011, BPA was termed by the American Medical Association as an agent that was endocrine disrupting because of evidence that suggested it disrupted the normal hormone regulation in the body.

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A group of researchers and medical doctors on 2009 that specialized in the hormonal system called BPA and other hormone disrupting chemicals a substantial concern for health that possibly cause severe disease such as cancer, mutations and infertility.

One scientist said that prenatal exposure to BPA makes the fetus more sensitive to the hormone estrogen, which is known to be behind the growth of many breast cancers.

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source: From the University Chronicle by David Smith


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