44A412A8-4D4B-4A54-B89B-5B952D9315B4Atkins, South Beach, The Zone. No matter what the name, there are certain diets that everyone knows and recognizes. Some people love them, others hate them, but most have a proven plan of success that isn’t threatening to your health. (even if you disagree with the strategy) A real diet is one that is sustainable and easy to maintain within your lifestyle preferences. And then there are those other diets. Call them fads or quick fixes, but they are the last thing your body needs. Here are 11 of the worst diets ever created and their over-the-top approaches to help you lose weight.

The Tongue Patch Diet

Any diet that makes eating uncomfortable probably isn’t the right approach for you. But physical pain? That takes it to another level. The tongue patch diet relies on surgically implanting a device that makes eating uncomfortable. While this might sound like something archaic, it’s actually a new procedure performed by plastic surgeons. The process literally makes the eating almost unbearable, which limits most people to a restricted-calorie liquid diet. People lose weight, but it defeats the real purpose of food: Which is to nourish your body and be enjoyed. Food should be enjoyed—you just need to learn how to control calories. Not make them hurt.



source: LiveStrong by Adam Dornstein


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