Marathon Maniacs Live Up To Their Name

shutterstock_104205359They have to complete two marathons in the span of just 16 days.

For most, running one marathon a year is enough stress on the body, but not for Zach Zimmerman.

He’s a marathon maniac–having run two marathons in the span of 15 days.

“I felt good enough to run another one on the fifth day, too,” Zimmerman told the Tacoma News Tribune. “But I had to spend the day sitting on a plane [taking a work trip] instead.”

Zimmerman belongs to two clubs for serial long-distance racers: the Marathon Maniacs and the Half Fanatics.
In order to belong to these organizations, runners must be able to complete two marathons or half marathons in 16 days.
Both clubs trace their roots to local clubs, but have grown to 12,000 members and have an international presence.
“It’s a pinch-me kind of thing,” admits one of the founders, Tony Phillippi. “To see that many people excited about and celebrating running is pretty special. Sometimes it gives me goose bumps.”


source: Competitor


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