Lindsay Lohan to Shannon Rowbury: I’m Running The L.A. Marathon

Rowbury_Shannon-FifthAve12-280x421The troubled actress has been working with Shannon Rowbury on her running since leaving rehab last month.

Shannon Rowbury is a pretty good coach and motivator.

The 28-year-old has taken Lindsay Lohan under her wing, trying to help the troubled actress through life after she left rehab. Now it’s being reported that Lohan told Rowbury she wants to run the L.A. Marathon next year.

According to a report on, Lohan divulged her plans to Rowbury recently. Lohan has been wearing a Nike GPS watch Rowbury helped her pick out to aid her running, and has been putting in the miles on the road.

Rowbury advised Lohan to do one long run per week when she starts training for her 26.2-mile adventure.

The pair met at a Nike Store in San Francisco last month and became instant friends, and have been talking regularly over e-mail. Rowbury planned a running routine for Lohan and apparently she’s been following it.


source: Competitor By Jason Devaney


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  1. Tell Lindsay to look me up. I am not to far from her (Ventura County) and I can get her on the right path with her running aspirations.

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