West Long Branch woman runs 100 marathons, at least one each in all 50 states

bildeOCEAN GROVE — Tracey Newenhouse, a mother of four, just completed her 100th marathon this June at Pennypack Park in Pa.

Along the journey, she has run at least one marathon in every U.S. state.

“That was my first goal, to complete all 50 states,” said Newenhouse, 52, on the porch of her parents’ bed-and-breakfast looking out at the Atlantic Ocean.

She completed that feat in Akron, Ohio, in September 2011, in what is her busiest marathon year to date. She ran 26 total that year. The year before, she ran 24. In fact, between 2009 and the Pennypack Park race, Newenhouse ran 91 marathons.

“It is an addiction, I can’t deny that,” she said.

The most grueling of all races was the Leadville Trail Marathon in Colorado. That course, a dirt-and-rock trail, starts at 10,000 feet and takes runners to elevations of 13,000 feet.

She became inspired to run Leadville after reading “Born to Run,” a book by Christopher McDougall about Mexico’s Tarahumara people, who are considered some of the best long-distance runners in the world.

“For me it’s a health issue: If you want to be around for your kids, put down the potato chips and go out for a run,” she said. “You’ll feel better. It’s good for your health, too.”

Newenhouse admits she could barely run and walk a mile six months before she ran her first marathon in Portland, Ore., in 1985. Since then, she’s run the New York City marathon twice, and 97 more.


source: APP by Dan Radel


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