Cardio Exercises That Burn Fat and Reduce Your Stomach

Cardio Exercises That Burn Fat and Reduce Your Stomach
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An expanding waistline doesn’t just make it hard to fit into your clothing; it’s bad for your health, too. Stomach fat increases your risk for colorectal cancer, breast cancer and cardiovascular disease, reports Healthy lifestyle changes such as eating a reduced calorie diet and increasing cardio activity help shed midsection weight and accomplish your fitness goals.


If you’re just starting your stomach fat loss plan, use moderate activity. With moderate activity, you’re breaking a sweat but can still have a conversation. Examples of moderate activity include walking at 3.5 mph. This activity burns about 277 calories for a 160-lb. person, according to Another option is low-impact aerobics, which burns about 365 calories an hour. Plan at least 150 minutes of moderate activity weekly, recommends the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Vigorous Activities

Reduce stomach fat quicker with vigorous cardio activity. During vigorous activity, it’s hard to say more than a few words without stopping to catch your breath. Examples of vigorous activity include high impact aerobics, which burns about 511 calories for a 160-lb. person, according to Jogging is another option, which burns 584 calories an hour. Swimming laps and playing racquetball are a couple more choices. You need about one hour and 15 minutes of vigorous activity weekly, recommends the CDC. This requirement is instead of the two hours and 30 minutes of moderate activity.

Interval Training

Novice exercisers might find that vigorous activity is too difficult. Use interval training, which allows you to increase fat burning and build strength. With interval training, you rotate between a moderate activity, such as biking at a slow pace and vigorous activity, like biking up hills. You continue rotating between the two activities for at least 30 minutes.

Circuit Training

Combine core strengthening exercises with cardio activity to burn 30 percent more calories, recommends “Fitness” magazine. Start out with a core toning exercise, such as stomach crunches. Then, alternate to vigorous activity, like running. Continue to rotate between a new stomach toning exercise and running for at least 30 minutes.


source: Livestrong by Nicki Howell


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