Month: March 2013

Nutrient For Runners !!!

Nutrient Timing Is Everything For Runners How an athlete’s body utilizes energy is infinitely more critical than that of their sedentary peers. It’s not just what you eat, nor how much, but also when you eat. Nutrient timing takes into… Read More ›

What is Chlorella? a Miracle!

Superfood Profile: Discover the Many Health Benefits of Chlorella With the quality of commercially-grown produce declining rapidly, obtaining nutritious fruits and vegetables is not an easy task. Few of us eat enough fruits and vegetables on a daily basis; it’s… Read More ›


Whole Foods 101 What are super grains? Bulk foods are becoming more prominent than ever before, and although the experience can be exciting and karma fulfilling by helping the environment, it can be a little daunting too. Here’s an article… Read More ›

Running-injury recovery

Running-injury recovery in five stages Everything was going swimmingly. I was in my eighth week of training for my first marathon – Paris, at the beginning of April. I was mindful not to overdo it and had only increased the… Read More ›

Sugar Linked to 180K Deaths

Sugar Sweetened Beverages Linked to 180,000 Deaths Worldwide !!! Each year, people consume a staggering 100 liters of soft drinks. Americans drink more soft drinks than water. Every time people have a fizzy drink, they pour huge quantities of sugar… Read More ›