Month: February 2013

The Immune System

A collection of molecules, cells and organs whose complex interactions form an efficient system that is usually able to protect an individual from both “outside” invaders and its own altered internal cells -millions of years of evolution -two categories/systems *… Read More ›


What are bloodborne pathogens? Microorganisms in human blood that cause disease in humans. e.g. hepatitis B virus(HBV), human immunodeficiency virus(HIV), malaria, syphilis and brucellosis. Modes of Transmission (4 most common) – Direct contact: touching body fluids from an infected person… Read More ›


Panel Questions Value of Calcium, Vitamin D Pills Popping calcium and vitamin D pills in hopes of strong bones? Healthy older women shouldn’t bother with relatively low-dose dietary supplements, say new recommendations from a government advisory group. Both nutrients are… Read More ›

Mediterranean diet!

Mediterranean diet reduces cardiovascular risk The “Mediterranean diet,” featuring vegetables, fruits, fish, nuts and olive oil but almost no red meat or sweets, slightly reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. Most of the effect was seen in a reduction in… Read More ›

Another Recall?

Ikea Recalls Meatballs After Detection of Horse Meat LONDON — The furniture giant Ikea joined a growing list of brands that have been touched by Europe’s food scandal on Monday and withdrew its signature Swedish meatballs from its markets and cafeterias across… Read More ›